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Make your newsletter more personal with attributes
Make your newsletter more personal with attributes
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The information that you see in the column for the email address, first- and last name is called an attribute. You can use attributes to make your newsletter more personal.

In this article below, you’ll learn all the information you need to know about attributes and how you can use them.

Before you start:

  • Attributes only work when you send a newsletter (and not a test mail). And if the information is added in the column for the chosen attribute.

  • The easiest way to add attributes to many contacts at once is if you import your contacts again, and this time with the attributes. And that way you will mark which column will get the information.

  • To add new attributes, for example, company name, go to “Contacts” > “Attribute” > “Add attribute”.

This is how it works

As mentioned earlier, there are columns where you can write the information you need about the contact. For example the contact's first name.

Every attribute then has its own “code”, for example, the first name has the code ##firstname##. When you write the code in your newsletter in the blockeditor and send the newsletter, the code will then change the information that you added in the column for each person.

When you import your contacts, you can choose to add your information in the chosen attributes or create your own attributes. The attributes and codes that already are there:

  • ##firstname##, shows the subscribers first name.

  • ##lastname##, shows the subscribers last name.

  • ##email##, shows the subscribers email.

How you can work with attributes

Below is an example of how you can use an attribute.

You manage a store and want to give your customers a discount, depending on how much the customer has purchased during the year. Before you send out the newsletter, you have created the attribute “discount” that has the code ”[[discount]]”, and you have updated current contacts with the percentage each customer should have, by matching the column in the file with the field for the discount attribute.

In the newsletter you will write:

"Hi ##firstname##, you’ll have  [[discount]]  off  next time you’ll shop at our store! A way for us to show you appreciation because you are a loyal customer."

If you have a contact that is called Martin, that should have 10% in discount then the text would look like below, based on that Martin has the number 10 in the column of the import file and the attribute field.

“Hi Martin, next time you shop at our store you will get 10 % off in discount.

How to add an attribute

To add an attribute, you will need to go to:

Contacts” > ”Attribute”> ”Add attribute”.

Then write a chosen name and click on “Save”.

In the column under ”Code” you will see the code that you can write in the newsletter to get the information from the column and to make it show the right word on the subscriber's newsletter.

Edit Attribute

If you want to delete or edit an attribute. You will need to go to:

Contacts” > ”Attribute”. Then click:

  • On the red cross to delete.

  • On the pen to edit.

If you choose to delete one attribute then the information will disappear in the column for the attribute for each contact.

Delete Attribute

You can easily delete an attribute by clicking the red cross located in the toolbar. When you delete an attribute, all data associated with the attribute in your contacts information and in newsletters will be deleted.

You can edit an attribute by clicking on the icon that pictures a red cross.

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