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Can I resend a newsletter to new subscribers?
Can I resend a newsletter to new subscribers?
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Yes, you can send an already sent newsletter to subscribers that are new to the same list that the newsletter was sent to. I

In your Reports, we give you the opportunity (in the toolbar) to send the newsletter to new subscribers. You may use this function as much as you want, however, the newsletter will only go out to new subscribers, the ones that are already included in the list won’t get the newsletter again.


  1. Go to the “Reports” 

  2. Click on the newsletter that you want to resend.

  3. Click on “Actions” 

  4. Select “Send to new subscribers

Great work, you have now send the newsletter to all of your new subscribers. 

You can use this function as many times as you want. Only the new subscriber will receive the newsletter. 

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