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Import contacts – Copy/Paste
Import contacts – Copy/Paste
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Before you begin

  • A confirmation mail will not be sent out when you import your contacts. 

  • Only one email address will be importer, if any duplicates.

  • A new subscription will be added if a contact already exists. 

How to import contacts from a file

In order to upload your contacts to a specific list, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to "Contacts" >"Import Contacts"

  2. Choose to copy and paste contacts from a text file.

  3. Choose the desired list for your contacts to subscribe to.  

  4. Paste or write the addresses of the contacts that you wish to import.

  5. Connect the information with the correct field for email address, first name and so forth.

  6. When finished, click on "Continue" in order to start the import.

When the import is complete, you will get a summery of the import. You will also find all of your new contacts if you navigate to "Contacts".

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