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New to Get a Newsletter - start here
New to Get a Newsletter? We’ll walk you through the basics.
New to Get a Newsletter? We’ll walk you through the basics.
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It doesn't matter if you're new to email marketing or to our service. For Get a Newsletter, it´s important that you get all the information needed to get started, in the best way possible.


Contact: is an email address that you have imported. You can link a contact to one or several lists, also referred to as subscriptions. If a contact is linked to two lists, the system will still mark it as one contact, with two subscriptions. 

Subscription: links a contact to a specific list, and makes sure that a contact of your choice receives your mail, have you chosen to send a mail to that specific list. 

An overview of  all functions in the tool

This is an overview of key functions of the service that might be good to know about if you're new to Get a Newsletter.

When you navigate to "Contacts", you can choose to:

  • Import, change, delete or export contacts. 

  • Change, delete, copy or export subscriptions ("Contacts"> "Subscriptions").

  • Create or edit lists ("Contacts"> "Lists").

  • Create subscription forms ("Contacts"> "Forms").

If you navigate to "Mails", you can choose to:

  • Build a template that can serve as a starting point for your future mails. 

  • You will find your template at the bottom of the page, when you navigate to "Mails" > "Create draft".

  • Create and send out mails to your various lists.

If you navigate to "My account", you can choose to:

  • Edit account information. 

  • Edit card and invoice information. 

  • Download your invoices. 

  • Add or edit a sender.

How to import your contacts

All of your recipients needs to be linked to a list in order to receive your mails.

You link your contacts to a list when you import them, using copy/paste, or by downloading a file (csv, xls or xlsx). 

You will by default have two lists that you can link contacts to, a "Standard list" and a "Test list". You can either use the lists that already exist, or navigate to "Contacts"> "Lists" in order to create a new one. You can also edit the lists that already exist.

How to add a sender

A sender tells the recipient who the mail is from. If you would like to add a new sender, other than the email address that you use to sign in, navigate to "My Account"> "Sender" > " Add sender".
The new sender will then appear as a selectable option before you send your mail.  

How to create your first mail 

Navigate to "Mails" and start to craft your draft. You can choose between creating a mail from scratch, or use one of the designed templates. To get an overview of all the templates, navigate to "Mails" > "Add draft". Click "Select" in order to choose the desired template. 

Once you have selected a template, you'll be redirected to a page where you can start to add text and images.

Reduce the risk of being classified as spam

In order to reduce the risk of a server reacting negatively to your mails, you can set up custom DKIM authentication for your domain, and add Get a Newsletter to your SPF record.

Once you have added the settings to your domain, the receiving server gets a verification that the sender is actually you, which will help to ensure that your mail end up in your recipients inbox. 

Read more about the settings here. 

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