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Soft vs. Hard bounce
Soft vs. Hard bounce
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When an email is rejected by a subscribers email server, it's referred to as a bounce. Based on the reason for the rejection, there are different types of bounces, that can be categorized as either hard - or soft.

If an email address bounces, you can always find out why in the detailed report, The report also tells you whether the bounce is soft or hard. 

Hard bounces

A hard bounce indicates that the rejection is permanent. This is what happens if the recipients email address does not exist, or the email cannot be delivered.

A hard bounce will deactivate the email adress immediately, and so our system will learn that an email will never get delivered to that specific email adress. 

Soft Bounces

A soft bounce indicates a temporary delivery issue, such as a full mail box, accordingly our system will try to send the email again. 

A soft bounce will not deactivate the email address, unless that specific email adress gets three soft bounces in a row. 

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