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Schedule your email
Schedule your email
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Scheduled mails are mails that are set to go out on a specific date and time, to one or several of your lists. The page “Scheduled Mails” provides you with an overview of all your mails that are scheduled for sending. 

Before you start

  • Note that mails that are already sent will be shown under “Sent Mails”. 

  • You can cancel a scheduled mail at any time by clicking on the stop button under the toolbar. The mail will then be replaced under “Drafts” should you choose to reschedule it, or sent it as a regular mail instead.

  • All your scheduled mails are chronologically arranged by which date they were last saved.

  • You can send to several lists at the same time. Duplicates will only receive the newsletter once.

How to schedule a mail

  1. Navigate to "Mails" > "Mails".

  2. Choose the desired draft under "Drafts".

  3. Click on the icon pictured as a paper plane "Prepare to send".

  4. Click on "Schedule a newsletter".

  5. Choose which list you wish to send your newsletter to.

  6. Choose "Subject" and "Sender".

  7. Fill in the desired date, hour and minutes for your mail under "Send date".

  8. Click the button for  "Schedule mail" in order to confirm.

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