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How to create an attribute
How to create an attribute
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First name and last name are so called Attributes. Attributes are personal characteristics or labels that you can use to personalize your newsletters. 

Before you start

  • The attribute appears when you send a real newsletter and if the field includes data.

  • The easiest way to add or update a attribute to your contacts is by updating your contact information and then upload it back to the system along with the attribute information. 

How to create an attribute

  1. Navigate to "Contacts" > "Attributes". 

  2. Create the attribute that you wish to use by clicking the button “Add attribute”.

  3. Fill in the desired name that’s going to represent the attribute. 

  4. When you're finsished, click on "Save and return"

Below "Code" you'll find a code that you can use in a newsletter. The specific data will be shown for each subscriber, if the field for the attribute contains information. 

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